AEF Announces Social Co-Founder Challenge

Opportunity to Start a Social Enterprise with AEF

Each one of AEF's board members has worked closely with entrepreneurs in Africa to plan, fund, and establish small businesses. We have established processes and systems that improve the likelihood of success. We now reach out to those who think they are ready to help an African entrepreneur get started.

Steps to Participate in Social Co-Founder Program:

1. Identify an African individual as your partner. You must have personal experience and a strong relationship of trust already established with your partner.

2. Write a business plan with financial projections demonstrating your plan to profitability.

3. Summarize your own background and your ability to raise at least 60% of the funds needed to start the business.

4. Convince one member of AEF's Board of Directors to become your AEF Sponsor.

5. AEF will assist you with soliciting tax-deductible donations to fund your social business.

6. Sign a pledge agreement stating that the initial funding costs of your social enterprise will be repaid to AEF to be re-invested in other social enterprises.

7. Work closely with your African partner to achieve the goals stated in the business plan.

8. Change lives with the training, satisfying work, and financial success of your venture.

We promise--it is worth it--and AEF will support you along the way.

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